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Forget your Nightmare
Before you fall to your death
So you don’t face your fear
So you don’t face the chaos
So you aren’t in darkness
So you won’t forever be dammed

But, you were always dammed
Living it every day, the nightmares
Living blind in darkness
Yearning for death
Craving the chaos
Frozen by fear

You crave the fear
While frozen, frozen in hell with the dammed
Hoping they’ll be consumed in the chaos
Hoping they come true, the nightmares
Wishing they would meet their death
Embracing the darkness

Though, they’ll never see the darkness
They’ll never face their fear
They’ll never come to death
They’ll never want to be dammed
They’ll never live their nightmare
Never join the chaos

I truly want to live the chaos
Live in darkness
I will never forget the nightmare
I will come face to face with fear
Live beyond the dammed
Walk to the door of death

Bring me to my death
Push me in the chaos
I wish to meet the dammed
Wish to be blinded in darkness
Always live in my fear
Live, my dreary nightmare

Revolving around the dammed and death
Chaos and my nightmare
My darkness is their fear
   I am an inactive king,
Lost in solemnness;
   I find no comfort in solace –
Lies determine my life;
   A son born of lies
A son of lies

Empires built for no reason
My son born, an act of treason
My mind liberated
   I was
   I am
   I never
   Just “I”

   I live.

I’m stuck in an avalanche of emotions
Drenched in the life I disguised myself with,
   I am nothing but a walking catastrophe
My eyes are wide open
   Fear and love leave me breathless

Forever in one day,
   An eternity of nothing;
Let’s live, and die;
   In a circle of fire;
in light I see truth,
       broken –
my eye sight fleeting;
I couldn’t see the decent -
The madness that has engulfed me;
Rage, intensifying

nightmares live;
The sounds of hearts beating –
       are slow,
There is a light that will never show;
A beacon – faded
   Life is a lie;
Broken fleeting dreams are just that –
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